Schoolgirls to be Shown ‘abortion rights’ Video

Girls as young as 14 are to be told in a new video that having an abortion is their ‘right’ and is unlikely to cause them emotional or physical problems.

This sort of thing was mentioned in an old post of mine and is a continuing strategy of pro-abortionist, to deny those thinking of having an abortion the full facts. Such a cynical abuse of people already vulnerable is, in my opinion, evidence of the moral bankruptcy of that lobby group.

The pro-abortion group FPA (formerly the Family Planning Association) is promoting the video to schools with a leaflet telling teenagers that warnings about the negative consequences of abortion are just ‘myths’.

This is plain dishonesty! The facts are that many who have an abortion will suffer consequences as I pointed out in my old post:

Even women with no past mental health problems are at greater risk of psychological ill-effects after abortion. In the survey, women who had had abortions had twice the level of mental health problems and three times the risk of major depressive illness as those who had given birth or had never been pregnant. This study caused the American Psychological Association last year to withdraw an official statement denying a link between abortion and psychological harm.

I think pro-abortionists do harm to their cause by using their “the end justifies the means” tactics.

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