Sex – Get What You Want

Going through the photos on my phone I remembered this one from a few weeks ago. I was looking at a computer magazine and I saw, nearby, a copy of Men’s Health. I have never read Men’s Health and I didn’t read the copy I saw. But I noticed the cover and was horrified by it. So I photographed of it.

See the picture. It is over the right side ‘Sex on Demand – Get What You Want Every Time’. What sort of a mind would write this? What sort of sorry relationship must the writer have had? This headline could not be written by anyone who understands about relationships or who understands even a little bit about women. As a piece of advice it is cracked.

As a Christian the Bible has a special place for me as a source of advice on all sorts of subjects. In the Song of Songs we find a great deal of explicit poetry which Christians believe is both a celebration of sensual love and a portrayal of many ideals in relationships. Reading it you will see that the emphasis is upon giving as a key to a quality relationship.

I think that if a giver marries a taker, at least one will be happy – perhaps. When a taker marries a taker, unhappiness will follow for both. When a giver marries a giver they are both off to a good start.

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