Southern Cross Our Shame

In some ways I feel we should all hang our heads in shame. Social care of the old and needy was sold off to speculators who made their profit and now it is going down the pan.

The speculators need not panic though as they will have learned the lessons from the bail-out of the banks by the tax payers. Southern Cross are custodians off over 30,000 lives who must now be feeling fear. Southern Cross became a monopoly and are now too big to fail – as the banks were.

Social Care was privatised because of the desire of our society to pay less tax and to off-load this burden.

Speaking as a Christian I would say I think we should all pay more tax to care for the vulnerable. Most off use will end up in that needy age eventuality. Speaking as a human being, which is the position I find myself in more than I like, I say everyone should pay more tax (except me). Problem is, it is that sort off attitude that has got use into this mess. We are back to the age-old question off whether I (we) am my brother’s keeper

Some think the answer it to help old people live into their own homes, aided by visiting carers (in York a virtual monopoly run by the dreaded York Helpers). That can end up as a sad isolation as the day-centres are also closing. Some people have the richness of a family member or partner who is a carer but the carer is often the next one who needs help as they are burned out through lack off respite.

I remember when I would hear that we were all sitting on a demographic time bomb. Well it is no longer ticking, it has gone off.

This is a problem for use all.

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