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I wonder why it is that some people of faith feel they need to defend their god, as though he needs such help. If a so-called god needs protecting, surely he can not be that great?

I know Christians too are sometimes guilty of this need to defend their view. We all know the shameful history of Christian intolerance and the persecutions of those with different views. I trust Christendom has grown out of that now. we certainly have locally where in York we have the country’s first ecumenical baptismal service at Easter time.

But what a sad place Iran must be where the courts are part of the oppression of Christians.

Maryam and Marzeih are two Iranian Christians who were arrested in March and are being held in the notorious Evin prison. They are incarcerated with 27 other women simply for the crime of sharing copies of the New Testament.

The two ladies are accused of anti-government activity and even if released on bail, would have to go to Court with the possibility of being sentenced to life imprisonment.  Christians need to pray for their protection and health, for courage and strength.  Pray that they will be released and the accusations against them dropped.

Maryam and Marzieh

Maryam and Marzieh

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