Teenage Girl’s Ring a threat to public order, health or morals?

Actually not a threat to public order, health or morals’. It is worse than that. A judge has ruled on matters of faith and religion.

Deputy High Court Judge Michael Supperstone QC delivered judgement in the case of Lydia Playfoot today.

Lydia had been placed in detention and prevented from wearing a small silver ring of the Silver Ring Thing’ by Governors at Millais School in Horsham, West Sussex.Silver Ring

The Silver Ring Thing’ www.silverringthing.org.uk is a Christian education project aimed at helping teenage girls value themselves, and abstain from sex outside marriage helping to reduce Britain’s ever-increasing rise in sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancies amongst teenagers, and abortions.

Lydia Playfoot made it clear to the school and to the Court that wearing her SRT ring was an important statement expressing her Christian faith to stay faithful to Christ and to live her life according to Biblical principles. Lydia believed that the symbol of the ring (which 11 other girls at her school had wanted to wear) was vital in a world where sex education was taught in a value free’ environment to younger and younger girls.

I would disagree that it is entirely taught in a value free’ environment. I have experience of a charity giving out free condoms to young people with the slogan “Safe Play” on the wrapper. The value currently taught in our schools and youth centres is that the value of the sex act is merely as recreation.

Miss Playfoot was told the ring broke the school’s uniform policy and she was put in isolation for wearing the ring. The School uniform policy prohibited all jewellery except ear studs, but still allowed for Muslims to wear head scarves and Sikhs to wear Kara bracelets.

It was appears to me to be a clearly Christophobic action, the

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