The Indigenous English

I saw Nick Griffin on BBC Question Time last night.

For my international friends, Mr Griffin heads up the British National Party which is a right wing racist organisation.

One thing i particularly object to about the BNP is that they associate themselves with Christianity, something i find odious.

I don’t believe in race. Whether Christian or Darwinian, we know we all have a common ancestor from Africa.

I am also uncomfortable with that poetic term, ‘this island race’. That is what the BNP claim, that the English are some sort of race. Last night Griffin talked about protecting the indigenous population of England. But does he mean me? I might be descended from the invading Normans, or the invading Danes, or from someone from the international ragbag of people who arrived with the Romans. His idea of an indigenous English people is a myth.

The big debate was whether he should have been included in the programme at all. Trouble is, once we start limiting free speech, it could be the Christians next.

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2 thoughts on “The Indigenous English

  1. I watched a six-minute video with clips of his answers. I was going to watch the whole thing online, but with the time difference it’s a bit late here. Anyway, I wished they pressed him more on the issue of his holocaust denial, because he clearly didn’t want to admit that the holocaust occurred.

    The BNP are correct when they say that there is a risk of Britain being over-crowded: if racist parties got in all round the world and insisted on sending non-indigenous people back to their “homeland”, then Britain would be invaded by the millions of descendants of Britons who now live in the “white commonwealth” and America, as well as the millions of Britons like me who live abroad. Even if you removed the people the BNP refer to as non-indigenous, the islands would be very crowded.

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