Where Was God in Haiti?

That was the question on the Today programme this morning of BBC Radio4. The presenter mentioned that Archbishop Sentamu would be asked, “Where was God in Haiti?” when he came on the programme later. The presenter went on to put his question in context by asking why a loving, merciful and all powerful God did not intervene to stop the earthquake.

What would I have said? I will give it a go.

God could have prevented the earthquake, or he could have allowed it but prevented it from harming anyone. He could ensure that people living in a danger zone would never suffer the consequences of their actions. He could also make it so that a falling tree could never injure, or a person could go out in the Arctic without clothing and he would not feel the cold. In that sort of world no one could ever be robbed as the thief would be prevented from stealing, a person could be shot at but God would prevent the bullet connecting. There would be no need to feed the hungry or care about anyone because God would intervene and care for them. In that world God could all remove freedom to harm another person and all responsibility for any actions that we take.

However, we do not live in that world. Our world does not run like that.

And yet, I think God weeps over the suffering he sees, as Jesus wept1 over the death of Lazarus.

  1. “Jesus wept” is the shortest verse in the Bible []

4 thoughts on “Where Was God in Haiti?

  1. Too true. Plus, if there is a God why should death be such a terrifying prospect? The question isn’t “If there is a God, why suffering?” it should be “If there is a God, why worry?”!

  2. You said: “However, we do not live in that world. Our world does not run like that.”

    I would ask: “Why not ?”

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