Who Founded Church of Crete?

Been working on my sermon for Sunday today, which the beginning of a new series I will do on the epistle of Paul to Titus.

It is interesting to see the suggestions as to who founded the church in Crete where Titus was. One theory is that it was Paul when he passed by on the journey to his first imprisonment in Rome.

I think the reasoning behind the theory that Paul founded it is the assumption that it needed a founder who had the skill and theological stature of Paul. I suspect this sort of thinking comes from those who have not experienced the transformed life through Jesus or the empowering of the Holy Spirit.

If Christianity does not actually work, then we might suggest Paul founded the church. If this stuff does work then it could have been the people from Crete that the heard Peter preach on the day of Pentecost who did it. They had had their lives transformed by Jesus, were filled with the Holy Spirit and returned to Crete. What an impact they must have had. What a story they each had to tell!

Christianity does work! Small wonder that Paul found a church there. It may have lacked structure and may have been immature, but these people had found Jesus.

Note to self: Entrust more to new believers, expect more from them.

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