Yes I Was on BBC 5 Live

They asked if I would be willing to be interviewed on BBC Radio 5 Live, see my previous post.

Jason Kaye phoned me and Terry Sanderson (President of the National Secular Society) and I were interviewed. If you want to hear it you can go the this link within the next few days before it is taken of the air.

Terry Sanderson made a mistake of course. Though I don’t know if his mistake was just a slip-up or if he is simply wrong in his beliefs (this particular belief I mean, of course I think he is wrong in his atheism).

Terry said the Easter festival we celebrate is “Based on an old pagan festival.” WRONG!

The Jewish Passover was an event in history that the Jews remembered by commemorating it annually. They still do. It was during one of those annual celebrations that the resurrection of Jesus took place. Christians have celebrated that resurrection ever since, even though at some point a pagan name was connected to it.

The dating of the Christian Easter celebration is still calculated from the Jewish Passover, evidence again that this is not a pagan festival with a Christian overlay, but a Christian festival with a dodgy name.

Perhaps Terry is deliberate in repeating his myth that our Easter festival is “Based on an old pagan festival.” Perhaps Terry is hoping his myth will eventually be accepted as true by the less well informed.

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