BBC’s ‘The Passion’

I don’t want to bore my overseas readers but I have a question for the Brits. have you been watching ‘The Passion’ on BBC television? Not Mel Gibson’s version, the BBC’s own.

For a much hyped and trailered drama I found it didn’t grip me. I ended up walking off and doing something more interesting instead. And me a Christian too!

My friend David said he enjoyed it so I decided to give it another try. He and I did agree on one thing, the puzzling absence of the miracles. Perhaps I just missed them.

Why no miracles? That is far removed from the eye-witness accounts, and the gospels. It was the miracles that won over the disciples and his family members.

I don’t want to rubbish this good effort but the downgrading of miracles in this account does concern me. If Jesus could not do miracles then, he is unable to do them now. His claim to be able to transform lives now, would also be an empty one. It was because of his miracles and his resurrection that his followers were willing to die for his cause – and still are.

I suppose no drama can truly satisfy and believer. A Christian knows his Jesus, not only through the ancient accounts, but also through their own relationship with him. As we walk and talk with him we get to know him, and no two relationships are alike.

Can’t wait for the next episode on Sunday. Will this Jesus manage to rise from the dead? I have looked at the Radio Times and it does give some info about the episode and says that his body is placed in a cave and his followers later find the cave empty.

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  1. As Christians my wife and I were looking forward to watching the serial ‘The Passion’ over Easter. Sadly we were very disappointed and somewhat disillusioned at the exclusion of miracles (mind boggling!?) How any producer could omit the most important parts of Jesus three years ministry and falsely show his followers this watered down version that left me (and probably) countless other Christians bewildered and disappointed, shows how shallow and shortsighted the Producer must be.

    Shame on you.

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