Easy Virtue Left Me Uneasy

I was recently in a group and conversation turned to films. I said I had enjoyed the latest Bond film. A young lady present said she thought the Bond films, including the recent ones, are all awful. She complained about how the Bond character treats women.

I had to stop and think as I had thought things had changed over the years. I had enjoyed the action and had categorized it in my mind just mindless entertainment.

Later, Penny and I went to see “Easy Virtue” based on a story by Noel Coward at City Screen (great place, rubbish website). We expected a relaxing, pleasant period drama with some delicious humorous bitchiness between the two leading ladies. At least that is what we were led to expect from the trailers. What we got was something far darker.
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The film subversively promoted euthanasia as a grand act of love. That is a notion which I of course reject as a Christian. Not only that, but one feature of the film is the crumbling of two marriages. At the end I felt that we were meant to celebrate the collapse of marriage, and be glad it was exchanged for something better.

All in all I decided I would rather watch a Bond and see people pretend to be shot. At least I know that is meant to be mindless rubbish!

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