Lakeland Retreat

I am nearing the end of a week long retreat in the Lake District staying at the “Upper Room” connected to the Hawkeshead Hill baptist church.

Being in the Lakes always means something extra to me as it was while living in Grasmere for a summer season that I became a Christian in 1975. I always feel I am returning to my Christian roots when I come here.

I have been on some great walks and trail runs. The run from Hawkeshead Hill around Tarn Hows and back is as good as it gets as far as I am concerned. It has enough variety to fill the senses. It was warm summer rain the first time I ran it which made it a bit slippery for my Asics road running shoes so I got a pair of Asics Lahar trail running shoes (on offer – nice). The Lahar are excellent with the same gel cushioning as a road running shoe but with very good tread. The Lahar are also waterproof (Gore-Tex lined) so running through wet grass does not soak the feet. I can recommend them. They should be good too for next winter as my “Nimbus” were too slippery for the snow last winter – couldn’t run for weeks!

The facilities at Hawkeshead Hill for a retreat are ideal. The accommodation is compact but enough for one (or for a couple as it has a double bed) and the prayer garden is so good for reading, praying and thinking.

At the foot of the garden is the old baptistery which has been in use since the 1700s. Water flows into it all the time with the water flowing out at the other end. When is is to be used it is rinsed out and a stone placed over the outlet to allow it to fill. I wonder how many believers have dedicated their lives to Jesus over the years by being baptised there?

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