Living with my new phone. The Sony Xperia Z Ultra the biggest HD screen phone in the world #xperiazultra #xperiaz


This is supposed to be the largest HD phone if the world. I did wonder if it would be too big. My previous phone was a Samsung Galaxy Note, and before that I used a Dell Steak with the 5.5inch screen. So I like using large screen phones.

Before buying my Z Ultra I had to know if it would be too big for carrying in my pocket. I knew that as I usually wear a jacket I could probably cope, but I was still not sure so…

I cut out two bits of cardboard from a cereal packet, the exact size of the Z Ultra, and taped them together. You think that is mad? I also filled the cavity with pound coins so the package was the exact weight of an Ultra. I sealed it up then carried it about in various pockets to see if this would be a phablet too far. I came to the conclusion the Z Ultra is about the size of an old fashioned tall man’s wallet. And I decided I could cope.


Don’t I feel embarrassed taking calls with that huge sleek sheet of black glass? No! I don’t care what others think because I know it is a great phablet. I don’t use my phone as a phone very much. I use my phones much more as a reader, emailer, diary, bible, word processor, internet browser, satnav, map, list and note taker, scanner, etc. Although I do use my old Bluetooth earpiece more now. What with that and the Sony Smartwatch I find I am doing a lot of stuff without even taking it out of my pocket or bag.

Having been using it for almost two weeks now I can say that this is a fabulous bit of kit. The screen is gorgeous for viewing anything. It was just right for watching a rented movie on a train journey. The battery life is incredible compared to my Galaxy Note 1 that I was using previously, and that is without putting it into ‘stamina mode’ which extends battery life to last more than a week on a single charge.

With a 2.2 Ghz quad core, Snapdragon processor it is more powerful than many desktop and laptop computers.

I liked the SPen on the Samsung Galaxy Note but with the Z Ultra I can use almost any pen or pencil to do pretty much the same things.

I love the magnetic charger bit on the side. No more fiddling with a micro USB getting it into the slot, just touch to the magnetic port and it gets going. As well as a spare magnetic charging lead, I got the magnetic charging stand, both of the cheap on Ebay.

I have my Ultra in a flip/book style case as I found the thing so slippery that I feared I would drop it. Now it looks very like an old fashioned black notebook in my hand.

I got mine from eGlobal. they were far cheaper than buying it in the UK and would use them again.

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