My Top Android News Apps

I am so pleased with my Dell Streak 5. I attended a conference recently and a friend of mine, who I have not seen for a while, saw me take out the phone to answer a call. He thought the size of it against my face was hilarious. He asked if I had gone back to the 80s when all mobile phones were huge.

That is the problem with the Streak, when someone asks what it is, do I say a big phone or a small tablet? A short time later he was borrowing it to watch a sports video. By the next day the third person in our group had gone onto Ebay and was trying to buy one. They weren’t laughing then!

I have just finished spending a week holiday in London and it was a great opportunity to be able to waste time in coffee shops and read the unfolding News International phone hacking scandal.

So my top news reading apps are:

Guardian Anywhere. Excellent! Timed download so it completes before I leave home in the morning. It does so while still connected to the wireless router so will not hammer any data limit you may have with your mobile contract.
Independent. Similar to Guardian Anywhere is that it can be downloaded then read offline, but has adverts (suppose someone has to pay) and no timed downloads. Has ‘paper’ look background which means it is not quite as clear a read as the Guardian.
Easyreader UK News. Not offline like Guardian Anywhere and Independent but is still very good. It is like having a huge pile of newspapers, more than you could hold in your hand.
BBC News. This app sets the news out in rows of pictures according to subject. Touch the picture and the text opens up. Not easy to share what you find however like the above with ‘share’ feature built in.

And then there are two more in a category of their own. There is Twitter of course, and there is the option of opening the browser and choosing whatever you want, including Google News.

Perhaps this guide will help you get up to speed in time to read more of the demise of NI and the Murdock Empire.

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