New Ubuntu Linux Out Soon

A new Ubuntu is coming out soon.

If your computer can run Windows Vista or XP (or even ME), it can run Linux, specifically the Ubuntu distribution (distro) that I use.

Ubuntu is a free and open source operating system based off the Linux kernel. It is a complete and fully functional operating system that you can use instead of Windows to browse the web, read email, compose documents and spreadsheets, and much more. Almost any day-to-day activity that you can do with Windows you can do with Ubuntu. And as Ubuntu brings out a new version every six months, there is a new Ubuntu out soon .

And Ubuntu is completely free, or, for a better term, software libre. You will always be able to freely download, edit, use, and redistribute Ubuntu.

If you are getting tired of being bothered by viruses, spyware, and the crashes that are well known to Windows users, you should try Ubuntu. Ubuntu rarely crashes and is almost completely immune to viruses and spyware. Ubuntu is far more secure than Windows at the most basic level, providing you piece of mind that your data is safe.

Ubuntu takes a minimal amount of technological knowledge and time to install, and you will be up and running in a few minutes. If something goes wrong or if you have a question, Ubuntu has a massive, extremely friendly, and knowledgeable community of people whom are always willing to help with any question or problem you may encounter.

For more information on Ubuntu, see the project web site at

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