Open-air Shakespeare

I saw some Shakespeare last night.

I do like Shakespeare. And the best way to enjoy a play in my opinion is in the open air on a summer evening. I like the enforced simplicity of set necessary in a touring open-air production. I simple set becomes the foundation for a better set to be constructed in my imagination.

Plogger ImageLast night it was Much Ado About Nothing in the York Museum gardens and the evening was a delight. The performance, by The Lord Chamberlain’s Men was excellent.The Lord Chamberlain’s Men was the name of the playing company that William Shakespeare is believed to have worked for (depending upon who you think Shakespeare really was). This company describes themselves as having re-established in 2003. Not the original troupe then.

They included period musical content which, without accompaniment was very good indeed. It was an all male cast which would have been typical of the early performances, and along with their Elizabethan costumes enriched the experience

The location is so good being surrounded by the ancient monuments which added atmosphere and enclosed us well. As darkness fell the lighting on the stage brought out the colours of the set.

Highly recommended! If they return to York next year I will try and get along.

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