Quote from Utopian Dreams: I simply can’t continue living like this

I am very much enjoying reading Utopian Dreams by Tobias Jones published 2008.

Speaking about the dissatisfaction he was having with his life (page 13):

I simply can’t continue living like this. I’m feeling increasingly apocalyptic. We’re rushing towards the economic and energetic bankruptcy of the planet. Very shortly we’ll be unable to pay back the loans. We’re taking everything for ourselves, Our children and grandchildren will remember us as the unnatural ancestors who left the world infinitely worse than we found it. I used to think ‘egomaniac’ was hyperbole, but now I don’t think it’s strong enough to describe myself and the vast majority of Westerners. For the first time in human history, certain societies have an extraordinary surplus of goods. They have no memory of what it was like to struggle to mere essential needs and have now replaced need with desire. The same survival drive is present, the same ruthlessness in pursuit of the new need. New objects are never lacking. Already the first or second question people ask on looking for a house is about storage space, because we’ve all got too many possessions.

I am just starting chapter 2 now.

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