Raising the Dead

I have just been listening, on the radio in my car, to a remarkable interview with a lady in her 70s. She is to have her body frozen when she dies in the hope of being brought back to life some time in the future when technology has advanced.

I would really like to understand the thoughts of someone like this. I see a number of problems.

She assumes that some day it will be possible to make an old person young again, if they are able to thaw the body without damaging the cells that is.

However, I think they overlook one big thing. These people must believe that some day it will be possible to make the dead live again. I don’t just mean resuscitating someone gone for a moment, I mean giving life to the DEAD!

Once the spirit has left will it be possible to call it back again? I think not. The Bible says, “It is given to a person once to die, and then the judgement.”

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2 thoughts on “Raising the Dead

  1. Having known you for 27 years I find that I am able to filter out your typing errors because I know what you’re going to say after reading the first sentence, so the words you use are often irrelevant.

    However, occassionally I can hear what you are thinking but for some reason find that you haven’t written down all of it. Sometimes I suppose that you assume that what you are thinking is obvious to your reader so you don’t write it down. Sometimes you are blogging on your mobile phone and are interrupted by a phone call from me, needing urgent help to fix yet another thing that I have broken. Perhaps that’s why you missed off the end of your blog this time.

    I know what you would have said, it would have been this:

    “Our society tends to reject the idea of judgement after death. Our society sees it as unpleasant, medieval superstition; the idea that judgement can only mean Hell. For followers of Jesus judgement means something else. We have Hope. Someone else has paid the entrance fee for us and judgement will mean acknowledging all the mistakes we’ve made in this life, and then being released from them, forever.

    “For followers of Jesus death is not something to be feared. Death means that we go to a place where the daily dissapointments of life are gone, where there is only Joy forevermore.

    “I wonder if this lady has any regrets in life. The ‘ghosts’ of any bad decisions that she has to live with. Has she forgotten that these will follow her in this life, even if she is successfully ‘thawed’? Dying in Christ means that Christ takes all these away, and then we can truly live.”

    I even used the same words that you would use and everything. You are the only person in the WORLD that still says ‘forevermore’.

    I can’t stand it when people are all damnation and no salvation. Especially when I know that communicating salvation is always on your mind!

  2. Thank you for your comments.

    I wasn’t wanting to stress judgement or damnation. I was thinking more about the finality of death in this world.

    After death I think there is only one resurrection possible, and it will not be performed by a bunch of scientists in white coats.

    My view of course is coloured by the fact that I do not fear death.

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