Review: NB110 trail running shoe

New Balance NB110

These are excellent shoes. These are the shoes I should have been wearing when I turned my ankle on my aborted coast to coast when I was running from Rosthwaite to Grasmere. So light I carried them in my bag as spares. Should have been wearing them!

After a run from Grasmere to Patterdale this week I have come to the conclusion that my heavier GoreTex ones will only come out if it is icy or snow. I love these NB110.

The NB110 are very light for trail shoes at 185 grams. They are the descendant of the MT 101 and the Minimus Trail.

Instead of keeping water out they are full of holes in the upper so they let out water and dry quickly. Unlike my GoreTex shoes that may keep my feet dry for a while, but once wet will be wet for days before finally drying out. I ran through some streams this week and they dried off as I ran.

The studs on the sole offer great grip and they even go up at the from which gives good grip on steep inclines.

These are minimalist shoes so they suit someone like me who did years of running in plimsolls in my youth as I still have a ‘barefoot’ running gait.

If you are looking for a transition shoe to ‘barefoot’ running the NB110 is an excellent choice as the sole is flat, but with just enough cushioning to prevent it becoming harsh. I find these are great for road running too on my usual 10k as well as for the trail.

If you want to read more, try the review of the NB110 here.

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