Rubbish O2 business customer support. Phone line dead but only a phone contact no. available

What fun. Trying to contact O2 business support. We have a land line and broadband contract with them at the office.

Our land line phone can no longer make outgoing calls. Managed to contact the online chat service (slow) but eventually told they only deal with mobile phones so I must telephone the business broadband support number. I told them I could not do that as I can not make outgoing calls and was told I could call them from another number. Like I am going to ask a neighbour if I can use their phone? Unacceptable!

Ah but I could call from my mobile at 14p per minute. I tried that and I spent quite a bit of money getting through the automated options, then was put on hold. I gave up on that attempt before it emptied my wallet.

Bad O2

No email address for support either!

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