This must be one of the silliest books I have ever read. The Fire Gospel by Michel Faber


The idea for the story could have turned out to be a good one but I think it failed to rise to its potential.

The premise is that someone called Theo (get it – theo means God?) finds a scroll which turns out to be another Christian gospel, another eye-witness account of the death of Jesus. This ancient person though tells us that Jesus did not rise again after dying.

There are three great problems with the story.

Firstly as the writer imagines the loss of faith by follows of Jesus he shows he has little understanding of the relationship that a believer has with Jesus.

Secondly the writing style of the supposed ancient document is nothing like the writing style of someone of that time. I end up wondering if the novelist has properly read the real gospels or Paul’s letters where he would see very different literary devices.

Thirdly if Jesus had not risen from the dead why would anyone have wanted to follow him beyond his death?

Nice cover though.

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