Chafing and the long distance runner

Whether to shave around my nipples was something I was wondering about this morning as I ran in sunshine and stillness along the cycle track, with only the sound of my steady breathing and the padding of my feet accompanying me.

I was thinking ahead to the long distance run I am planning for later in my sabbatical. I am hoping to run as much as I can manage of the coast to coast walk.

The reason men are seen running wearing those black running tights, and sometimes tight thigh-length shorts underneath the baggy shorts is that they are avoiding chafing. It is no laughing matter. On a long run what starts as a bit of chafing progresses to raw bleeding flesh. As fabric jogs up and down, as the miles go by, the fabric rubbing against nipples cause them to bleed too.

One solution to prevent chafing is to wear tights on the legs and over the chest something with smooth fabric. Some running vest have a smooth section across the chest for this reason. Another solution is to stick tape over the nipples, with or without shaving around them first. Although there are good anti-blister tapes around, especially for feet, I have found this to be another great use for duck tape.

I had planned to be doing the coast to coast about now but I decided that all the recent rain will have made the route too boggy so I have postponed it until July. That will give me more time to get everything ready.

I plan to do it alone, carrying a small back-pack containing micro tent and sleeping bag. I will give a run down of the kit I have assembles in a separate post.

I have no idea how far I will get. I am not expecting to complete the whole 220 miles.

6 thoughts on “Chafing and the long distance runner

  1. Are you thinking about using your cut throat razor to do that? One slip and you won’t have to worry about chafing anymore because your nipple will be on the floor.

    • It rhymed!

      Er no. Too risky I think. And I may not have to if I wear the right fabric.

      Might have to resort to duck tape though and its removal is not worth thinking about. Ouch!

  2. Oh what shall we do?
    We could put it in a stew.
    Oh my oh my,
    I’d prefer a nipple pie.
    Oh, dear man, what a pickle!
    That’s the way to preserve your nipple!

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