Haunted Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s have open their refurbished shop at Monk’s Cross in York. I met my wife and daughter there for a coffee.

Look what I got! Click on it to see it full size in all its horror.

Is this a ghost in my cup? A ghoul in my grounds? A demon in my mug? Should I have commanded it to be gone in Jesus name? Loudly in Sainsbury’s? I think he was winking at me. What do you think? What could his diabolical intent be?

It reminds me of an article someone showed me about a woman who roasted a chicken. When it was lifted, cooked, from the baking tray the remnants stuck to the tray was said to look like the face of Jesus. A neighbour gave her verdict, “I looked and it was Jesus all right!” Presumably she had seen Jesus before.

Well my foaming coffee looks like something from the Ghostbusters film.

Can’t see it? Oh you of little faith.

It tasted no different.

Oh no it is inside me now…

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