Listen To Some Screaming

Ah, some time to myself. Penny is about to go out and I wonder whether to read or see what might be on the TV.

I looked at the programmes and discovered a channel I never knew existed before called Pick TV. I see there is a programme called The Real A&E.

The listings go like this:

8:00 A woman is impaled on a garden fence.
8:30 A cyclist collides with a car.
9:00 A boy breaks his arm in a playground.
9:30 A 72 years old falls off his bike.

Why would anyone watch that?!

Surely if I wanted to see that sort of thing I would sit in the real A&E at the local hospital. Ours is within walking distance so I could stroll across, watch a bit of injury and agony then move over to the reception area where they have a coffee machine before returning to listen to some screaming. If I am lucky I may … no am getting carried away now.

I will read my book.

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