Poncho Tent

I have just read an article talking about a revival of 1950’s holiday habits

Most people who enjoyed cycling and camping trips in the 1950s could not afford to fly, as with many of today’s recession-hit holidaymakers.

The recession appears to be re-shaping holidays, with trips abroad being replaced by holidays in Britain and a revival of the old-fashioned pursuits of camping and cycle touring.

So is this the right time for this gadget? I can think of a number of occasions when I was desperate enough to have used one.

It is a new design of poncho/tent hybrid. It would odd to see someone in the high street wearing it, but perhaps not so on a windy hill or in a camp site. They are aimed at the walkers and cycle campers who need both waterproof clothing and a tent, but have to keep down the weight and volume of the equipment they carry.

Would you?

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