Rude Navigator

I love my Dell Streak 5.

When I came to buying a new phone I had by then come to rely on the free SatNav on the Nokia. So it was either Nokia again or an Android, which also comes with free SatNav.

Android it was, after finding that there are many new Streaks going cheap. I think it is the result of Tesco doing a £199 deal and many must have been bought with the intention of putting them straight on Ebay.

Anyway, I got one and am very please with it.

BUT the SatNav is not what I am used to on my old Nokia, or on my previous Tom Tom. Instead of being told to ‘bear left’ or ‘bear right’ ahead, this one tells me to ‘take the left fork’ or ‘right fork’.

The voice on the Google SatNav is obviously computer generated and, although very good, does not sound quite human. Perhaps that is the reason the female voice is unable to pronounce ‘fork’ correctly. The word she says in similar to fork, it still has four letters, starts with ‘f’ and ends with ‘k’, but it is not fork.

My wife and I were travelling last weekend and we kept looking forward to the next fork in the road as we asked ourselves, “Did she really say that?”

And each time we would laugh and say, “She did!”

So juvenile.

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