Staff wanting in Llandeilo

After my daughter’s wedding Penny and I went on a holiday in Wales. I saw an advert for staff in the window of a cafe in Llandeilo. I liked the ad so much I decided more people should see it.

HEAD WAITRESS – Full time, Experienced. Must be kind, thoughtful, cheerful, happy, fun, friendly, fit and like to sing and dance. (M Poppins was not available)

KITCHEN ASSISTANT – To assist Chef with pre, cooking, cleaning and laughter. Must also like to dance. No singing required. Day shifts.

Gracias, Carolina

We had a coffee there a few days later and the notice had gone. I assume they got their new staff members.

Is it really that much fun to work there? It does sound fun. Perhaps laughter should be part of more job descriptions, especially in church life.

God spoke to the ancient Israelites with the promise that the ‘joy of the Lord’ would be their strength. Joy is the birthright of the followers of Jesus too. Show me a miserable church and I’ll show you a dysfunctional one.

Lord Jesus, more joy please.

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