Superhero socks are sold out

If you go to you will see that these Robin socks are not longer in stock. They have sold out!

How can that be? How may people would have bought a pair? And what for? Where on earth could one wear something like this?

Perhaps they are just the thing for cycling through York on dark evenings as a safely feature so car drivers will give a wide berth. But I will give them a miss.

One thought on “Superhero socks are sold out

  1. Do you find you get a wider berth at night? I cycle back from church on quite a busy unlit road. On the way to church some drivers get dangerously close, but on the way back, the are all extra cautious. In fact, I’d say they’re too cautious. I really don’t need them to move right over to the other side of the road. I think it’s because it’s such a dark road, so there’s a higher perception of danger, but I’m just as likely to wobble or sway slightly towards the middle of the road during the day as I am at night.

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