Thank You Note template for that personal touch and extra sincerity

I saw this on the internet and liked it.

I could not find this wonderful template so did one myself. Copy, paste and enjoy.

I thought it might be good to add some more options to make it more versatile. Hope you like them.

Now to find someone I can use it on.

Thank you very much for the _______. It is a great addition to our/my _________. We/I  use it all the time for _________. Last week we/I used it to ________. Our/My favourite thing about _______ is _________. l can’t remember what life was like before _______. Of all our/my ________ gifts, _______ is our/my favourite. We hope you enjoyed the wedding/birthday party/leaving party as much as we/I enjoyed having you. I particularly enjoyed my conversation with _________ about ________. Well, we/I look forward to seeing you soon.

Best Regards

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