Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-03

  • What weather! Have just been on bicycle to visit Elsie. Breeze was like a hot hair dryer. #
  • Nice run but have had to sit in a cold bath trying to cool down. Would been no good living in a hot climate! #
  • Putting on my Alfred Sargent brown brogues and heard on radio 4 that they are the latest thing. I have been a style icon all these years! #
  • New Blog: Sermon notes for 1 John 2v12-14 #
  • Thank you teacher cards? When did this start? Not in my day, or my kid's day. #
  • No Glasto in 2012 as it clashes with olympics so will be a shortage of portable toilets. #
  • MS Office put in the cloud chasing Google Docs. Beats me why so late. Oh yes cos MS Office is an overpriced ripoff #
  • Have checked cloud MS Office #Office365 It is not free like Google Docs and still needs MS bloatware on computer. Duffers! #
  • RT @benaddama81 harry for king? I had always thought Canadians were on this planet. Seems not. #
  • 'Offensive' clothing banned in Newquay! How about beige leggings one large women? Or big bare bellies? I could go on. #
  • Company offering fake Facebook updates to stop burglars knowing you're away. Why didn't I think of that? #
  • My new word is pulchritudinous. I have just discovered it is in my android 'word complete' dictionary. Amazing! #
  • Google+ looks interesting. But I didn't get an invite. Being a Facebook dodger I am not sure why I should have. #
  • One in five divorces blamed on Facebook and other social media: #
  • What fun! Some #Mormons have been leaving comments on my #Mormon #MittRomney post. Want to add to the conversation? #
  • Joined #Groupon a while ago but they do not seem to know where York is. They send me offers for miles away. Last one was for Scarborough. #
  • US remake of cult hit 'The Killing' looks to flop. All cos they don't like reading subtitles. Shouldn't have bothered. #
  • 10 Christian Social Networks. Didn't know there were so many. #
  • Today I have counted six drivers talking on mobile phones. The last was a policeman. Do I get a prize? #
  • I am ten pin bowling. There is nowhere to hang my jacket! Uncivilised place. #
  • Was about to start sulking about not getting Google+ invite then got one. Have joined but not sure what to do next. #
  • Cloudy swimming pool in US had dead body lying at the bottom for days. Yuck. #
  • Been playing with Google+. Biggest stress is deciding which circle to put people in. Can see how it could overtake #skype and video conf. #
  • Early reviews by Google+ users are good. Others seem to have more time to play with it than I have had: #

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