Atheist Buses a Joke

So they have started. I thought they had started already, not living in London I had not realised that though they had been heavily publicised a while ago they had not got going straight away.

Why do I think they are a joke? Because if I were an atheist and behind such a thing I would have taken more care with the slogan advertised. I would be more careful NOT to use the quotation of a hero of the Christian faith such as they have done. The advert simply paraphrases what the Apostle Paul said, though he used it to refer to those who had no hope of resurrection and summed up a pitiable life style.

The buses are also a joke because as I mentioned in a previous post, they will do the opposite of what is intended. I think that anything that gets people thinking and talking about God is a good thing. Their pathetic message contrasts with the great gospel of Jesus where he says, “I come that you might have life, and have it in all its fullness.”

Christians remember, we are not on the winning side, we are on the side that has already won.

One thought on “Atheist Buses a Joke

  1. They’ve hit Barcelona now. I think it will do the world of good here. Most young Catalans don’t even think about the possibility of there being God, and have never read the bible, so maybe these ads will make them stop and think.

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