Chris Moyles Has Noticed Church

I got an interesting YouTube link sent to me yesterday. It was sent by an Anglican vicar friend of mine. He said it reminded him of York Elim using the Barbican Centre before Christmas.

It seems Chris Moyles and his mates were chatting about church on his radio programme. It would be too much to say I was shocked but I was taken aback by his comments. He was impressed about a televised service he had seen but said he had not known churches like that existed in this country. I thought, “Where has he been?” Then I was thinking how have we (the UK church) failed, that he should not have known.

Watch the clip, it is worth seeing.

3 thoughts on “Chris Moyles Has Noticed Church

  1. Hi Graham,

    Remember me? You came down to Ipswich to talk about One Voice York. We have started Heart 4 Ipswich now see our website at

    I uploaded the YouTube clip of Chris Moyles – glad you enjoyed it. The clip is doing the rounds and the more hits it gets the higher profile it gets for all the Chris Moyles fans!

    Keep up the great work bro!

    God Bless


  2. Great to hear from you Steve and well done for uploading the clip. The value of it is being able to hear what Chris Moyles and the others were saying while at the same time being able to see what they had seen.

    So pleased to see that heart4ipswich is off the ground now. My visit did not put you all off then!

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