Father of the Bride

My daughter was married on Friday. What a strange mixture of emotions for me the proud dad. In my case a little out of the ordinary as I conducted the ceremony and Penny walked her down the aisle.

I was talking it over with Penny, and looking back we both agreed the most amazing thing to each of us was the realization that we have produced someone who is able to love. We are more proud of that in Zoë than many of her other achievements and qualifications.

I don’t follow football but I read in The Times today that the football player Ronaldo is accused of paying £3,000 to hire five prostitutes at his house. It got me thinking.

I realize it is ‘old hat’ to say you can’t buy love, but nor can you buy the ability to love. To be able to love is a skill that has to be learned. I am not sure it can be taught, but I think it can caught.

If Zoë has caught any of that from us I am grateful. It is Jesus who showed us.

Photographs can be seen at Affirmation Photography

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