First Bus Road Rage part 3

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Thought I might have heard something by now. They have my email address, home phone number and mobile, but have heard nothing at all since before the weekend and it is now Tuesday.

I would be content with an apology if I thought the driver had learnt from the experience and is like likely to be dangerous to cyclists in future.

Reporting it to the police is such a hassle though. I have done so once before. On that occassion I had to cross over to the other side of the city to the police station, had to wait for someone to speak to at the reception counter, then had to wait about an hour to speak to a Special Constable who took my details. I do not want to have to go through that again as I do have a life. Perhaps I should just write it to them in a letter. Problem is that because First Bus have dragged their feet there would be less success in tracing witnesses who watched it all. And assume they would not have bothered to try in any case as I often get the feeling that a person on a bicycle is not viewed as having the same value as a person in a car.

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